Viv Selections

His Bloody Project: Documents Relating to the Case of Roderick MacRae (Man Booker Prize Finalist 2016)

Graeme Burnet

"In the Autumn of 1869, calm, sensitive and intelligent Roderick Macrae brutally murders his neighbors. The 'why' depends entirely on a local psychiatrist, and a defense lawyer's ability to prove him insane. Given the horrific details of the murders, how will they prove him not to be a calculated, cold-blooded monster bent on revenge?"

The North Water

Ian McGuire

"If 'shady' can spin a yarn, look no further than a very shady Yorkshire Whaling ship, expedition-bound, awash in filth, danger and degradation, en route to the Arctic. On board, a shady Irish ex-Army surgeon with a questionable past, and a viciously evil harpooner out for blood. If you can get beyond the foul and offensive language, it is a riveting tale of survival and struggle."


William Boyd

"A wonderfully addictive book that catapults the author into the realms of Graham Green and John Le Carre. A gripping and smart spy thriller told in the shadows by a woman far too independent to marry, and way too intelligent for her own good."


John Williams

"Tells the tale of William Stoner, a mid-western farm boy seduced by English Literature, who becomes a second-rate college lecturer. In his marriage to an exquisite malcontent who makes his life a lonely hell, his career is destroyed by office politics. Subtle, moving, luminous and deeply-tender, this book deserves the title of a classic."